Retro Sunday plays vinyl Sun 17th April

alba record playerWe’re getting quite a collection together of strange retro “stuff” for our drop-in event Retro Sunday on Sunday 17th April at the Orange Cup (Regency Property), 123 the Esplanade, Weymouth Seafront. Our friend Gavin who runs Regency Property and the Orange Cup has kindly let us take it over for the day!!

This is a really casual event raising a bit of money selling cake for the Eve Appeal (and really an excuse for us to have a nice time hanging out by the seaside). One of the things we want to do most is to play some great retro music.

Luckily for us, Steve knows the amazing Marco Rossi whose music collection includes lots of vinyl and an old Alba record player…we are now very excited ‘cos we can play with it!

The strange thing is that we were thinking of playing some Donovan especially “Sunshine Superman” which Steve really loves – and as it so happens, Marco has recently been writing for Shindig Magazine including an article about Donovan which included interviewing him for a few hours on the phone. How spooky is that? Can’t wait to read the article!

If you want to listen to some retro music next Sunday, we’ll be at the Orange Cup between 11 and 4pm playing records and drinking tea –  its free to come along – but here’s a reminder from Donovan in the meantime…

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