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Vintage cake stands forever!

We thought we might share some pictures of our vintage cake stands from recent vintage weddings, parties and events? We have quite a collection now and with some 35 three tier cake stands, 15 two-tier cake stands and more than 20 single tier stands we probably have the largest range of cake stands for hire in Dorset!

vintage china cake stands Dorset

Cake stands came into fashion in the early Victorian (1840’s) period when they were the essential afternoon tea accompaniment but they may have been about since the 1600’s when they were referred to as “salvers” or serving platters, generally being silver. The first china cake stands emerged when English bone china was at its height and enjoying afternoon tea was an essential etiquette for more affluent ladies of leisure!

vintage cake stand & cakes Dorset

vintage cake stand

Vintage Dorset’s cake stands are almost all bone china or fine ceramic ware though we do have one or two glass cake stands which are great for single tier cakes. The fashion for three tier stands with delicate finger sandwiches on the bottom tier topped off with scones in the middle and delicate fancies on the top has become embedded in our modern culture – possibly emerging from the Ritz Hotel and their gorgeous Palm House Afternoon teas (which are truly wondrous)!

Vintage Dorset Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea!

Afternoon tea should most authentically comprise a cold light menu of very delicate and beautifully presented treats usually served between 2pm and 5pm. High tea is a different affair entirely – more of an early evening meal taken between 5 and 7pm and almost always including a hot dish. High tea was very often provided (by Nanny!) for the children of wealthier families as Dinner would not be served until between 7 and 9pm. Its called “high” tea as it was “high time” the children were fed and sent off to bed!

Flower cake stand Flower cake stand

For events these days you can use cake stands for serving food or increasingly we hire them out to display flowers and fruit, sweets and favours.

Cake stand with chocolates Vintage Dorset afternoon tea

We provide cake stands ready-matched and cleanly wrapped in sets for you to assemble at your venue. Our three-tier cake stands are just £5.50 each to hire with two-tier stands at £4.50 and single-tier stands for £4.

unpacking cake stands

Our clients generally use 1 cake stand between 2 people for “Ritz-style” afternoon tea (each stand holding sandwiches, scones and cakes) However, most people prefer to use a single cake stand for each table of guests (to display cakes) with sandwiches and scones served separately on vintage plates.

Vintage Dorset Cake stand & strawberry scones

vintage cake stand & sugar tongs Cakes and flowers

Pretty pastel cake stand

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Ellie & James – Vintage wedding

vintage wedding coupleThere aren’t many couples like Ellie and James. As well as being really into local food, the environment and old antiquities they wanted a wedding that reflected their passion for something fun, adventurous and a bit quirky! James is a local watercress grower and Ellie an expert in filming animal documentaries and monkey stories. With this pair we knew we were in for a fabulous wedding to remember!

Having decided on a vintage wedding at the glorious Higher Melcombe Manor, the couple explained their idea of a sumptuous wedding breakfast in the marquee followed up with gorgeous home made pavlovas from the family and ending with a home-grown Hog Roast who’d been fattened up with watercress trimmings!

pigs grown for hog roast

The idea was for Vintage Dorset to dress the venue with lots of help from all of James’s friends and both families, to have lashings of bunting and loads of vintage china, victorian glass water jugs, platters for the pavlovas and mis-matched vintage dinner plates. Add to this a cheese tower and a sweetie cart for nibbling on and we think you have perfection!

Growing your own pig for a hog roast at your wedding shows real dedication – thinking about where our food comes from and how it arrives at our table is something most of us are really detached from – but we really like the idea that your food was pampered from the very start! In spite of a few tears when sending the piggies off everyone thought it was a great idea and it even inspired the superb wedding cake topped with a bride and groom and two home grown pigs!

Ellie’s colours and dress were truly beautiful and her table flowers gorgeous home-grown hydrangeas. With 200 guests to feed Ellie and James had lots of catering help throughout the day – and expert pig roasters looking after their porkers! Vintage Dorset provided china and trimmings together with venue dressing help on the morning. We’re sure you’ll agree this was a truly beautiful wedding!

Vintage Dorset Wedding at Higher Melcombe Manor

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