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Poetry for Weddings

The memory of your wedding will be captured visually in hundreds of snaps and official photographs taken throughout the day, but weddings are also a wonderful opportunity to persuade loved ones to share their feelings about your celebration and to get all romantic and poetic!

vintage typewriter

Its great when couples ask us to help them make the most of their guest books using our old typewriter as a prompt to remind people to write a message.

People love a bit of romantic nostalgia at weddings and there’s nothing better for attracting people to the guest book table than this old fashioned prop with your favourite poem included.

Grandparents also delight in showing the children how we used to type letters on these old machines before the age of computers. Most children have never seen a typewriter and are fascinated about how they work and what they were for!

Adding a message or poem also gives the couple a chance to share special words with their guests that convey their love and happiness. Its a really beautiful touch.

knots and kisses stationeryGuest Book Ideas

There are lots of different guest book ideas available for brides. I especially love this Rose Cottage postcard design from super stationer Nicki of Knots and Kisses. It shows that you can make your guest book a real feature. We hire out our own tabletop vintage letter chest for this kind of effect and it is just the ticket!

Tips to make your Guest Book popular

  • Style your guest book to match your flowers or theme, choose a beautiful design like this one or create your own bespoke book cover with vintage fabrics or papers
  • Write a note in the front of your book inviting guests to leave you a message and leave the book open with a pen (or pens) available
  • Draw attention to your Guest Book! Use a vintage typewriter or other vintage props with a poem of your choice or a pile of “love letters” and a pen and ink pot placed next to the book so people come to investigate
  • Get the ball rolling. People are often a bit nervous to be first to write an entry, so get a relative, bridesmaid, wedding planner or even the vicar to leave you a message on the first page
  • Choose a poem that suits you both and says something about your feelings – it encourages everyone to get a bit more romantic!

Our typewriter is available to hire from just £25 for local weddings and our letter chest is just £20 for the day. Pleasecontact us here to enquire about availability and make your booking

Suitable Poems for Weddings

If you’re stuck for a good wedding poem, here are a few of our favourite wedding poem choices. You may want something familiar or a bit more exclusive and nothing too long so don’t be afraid to shorten it a bit. Try one of these beauties…

poems for weddings

poems for weddings

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Ten Poems about Tea Competition

Some of my favourite things in life are poems and tea.

So when they were brought together in this cute pamphlet by Picador poet Lorraine Mariner, I couldn’t resist buying myself a copy and offering this great little booklet of poems as a prize for Vintage Dorset enthusiasts.

cover of the pamphlet ten poems about tea

Ten Poems about Tea is introduced by Sophie Dahl (PG tips (!) with milk, no sugar) and is published by the Candlestick Press costing just £4.95 + P&P.

The cover of the pamphlet includes another of our favourites – the ever indulgent Dundee Cake. The ten poems about tea are collected to perfectly complement your tea-time. Ideal for an everyday crisis or when ‘everything stops for tea’.

The Collection includes:

Thomas Hardy, At Tea
Kenny Knight, Lessons in Teamaking
Eavan Boland, In Season
Jo Shapcott, Procedure
John Arlott, Tea with my Aunts
Carol Ann Duffy, Tea
John Betjeman, In a Bath Teashop
Sheila Hackney, Tea Party
John Agard, Alternative Anthem
Tiffany Atkinson, Tea

TO ENTER – please leave us a comment below as to why you find tea and especially vintage tea an inspiration. We’ll choose the best one at the end of the month to send a free copy of Ten Poems About Tea.

Thomas HardyAt Tea by Thomas Hardy

THE kettle descants in a cosy drone,
And the young wife looks in her husband’s face,
And then in her guest’s, and shows in her own
Her sense that she fills an envied place;
And the visiting lady is all abloom,
And says there was never so sweet a room.
And the happy young housewife does not know
That the woman beside her was his first choice,
Till the fates ordained it could not be so….
Betraying nothing in look or voice
The guest sits smiling and sips her tea,
And he throws her a stray glance yearningly.

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