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Is Vintage posh?

At Vintage Dorset, we love the recent explosion of vintage traders and hand-crafters who are as committed to quality and good old fashioned value for money as we are and its no surprise to us that the trend for vintage is continuing to spread (not just in clothing but in loads of areas). Whilst times are hard, we think vintage makes sense. But, one of our friends said she thought people might read “unaffordable” when you call something vintage…

Paragon chinaSo what is vintage all about? When is something dated, when does it become retro, or antique and does loving vintage mean that you  need loads of cash and are actually just a little bit posh?

The word vintage is defined in the Oxford dictionary as

1 relating to or denoting wine of high quality:vintage claret or

2 denoting something from the past of high quality, especially something representing the best of its kind:e.g. a vintage Sherlock Holmes adventure

I love this. The combination of something from the past with high quality and being the best of its kind.

This isn’t posh or expensive – its aspiring to things that have a timeless value and therefore are really worth the money. We re-use things that are often just about to be thrown away – sometimes we get some real bargains – like these gorgeous paragon cups which cost us around £5 each from a local charity shop. We will use them and love them and we know that a vintage cup of tea from these will taste 100 times better than out of a mug.

In an age when throwaway crap and supermarkets have flooded our lives with tasteless dross, we think vintage is truly refreshing and you have to be mad not to adore it! Let us know what you think?

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Holiday Dreaming…

January always seems to be a good time for  dreaming of holidays or making a bit of a new year’s resolution to have at least three weekends away in the coming year (without feeling the least bit guilty about the mountains of work you’re planning to leave behind).

Camper van

Before the affects of the New Year diet and exercise regime start exhausting you, we think its important to begin your escape plan for the summer…

Finding somewhere gorgeous to visit in Dorset is never a problem – but if you need any incentive to look around more of the county what better plan can there be than hiring a retro-style camper van, following our vintage calendar of events and booking a few picnics, vintage teas and cake-shops into your itinery?

Retro Camper Vans

Duck egg coloured Volkswagen camper van

Dorset Dubbers are a recent discovery of ours..  John and Claire run a small, friendly van-hire firm based in Highcliffe on Sea hiring out a choice of sumptuous VW campers for carousing around Dorset & the New Forest.

Looking through their website www.dorsetdubbers.co.uk you get a real sense of the fun you can have – travelling around in “Nellie”, “Mo”, “Terence” or “Bam Bam”. With tariffs from £425 a week we think this compares very favorably with traditional camping and certainly offers more variety than a one-base stop or package hol (mostly hanging about in the airport).

Vintage Events1940s clothing

So you’ve booked your van for a week or two and have planned your visit to the usual and hidden haunts taking in sea, sand and stones (well we are in Dorset!) But, finding out about vintage events locally has always been near impossible. How will you get away with wearing that 1940’s dress and vintage plus fours without somewhere truly nostalgic to get into the mood? Whilst you’ll feel at home in several of our smaller towns and villages (retro never really went out of fashion here) you might also like to browse through our Vintage Events Calendar. We’re trying to post all of the local vintage events we can find here so do tell us if you know of something occurring. Whether its visiting the retro fashions and displays at the Bridport Hat Festival or Dorset Steam Fairs, visiting local victorian events, Ginger Pop, Blyton-inspired excursions, historical happenings at the museums or traditional classics like Dorset Opera then we hope you’ll find something that’s worthy of a smart frock and a day out with hearty picnic or cream tea!

Tea and Cake

Our steam fair picnicSo on this note – don’t forget to make your booking for special vintage teas, afternoon garden parties, birthday treats, wedding events and picnics.

Contact us for hire prices to  book posh crocks and cakes to make a really special occasion. Look through our prices and ideas pages for more. Happy days x x

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