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Posting out today…

Postbox wishing wellThere was a time when I used to love going to the post office – sending things out in the mail and waiting for letters to arrive. Things do seem to have changed for the worse though and along with a second class service at a first class price our postman reaches us mid afternoon at best these days…

For fear of turning into a Grumpy Old Woman I have to say that I still enjoy getting hand written letters and there is some fun to be had in carefully wrapping our bunting up and wedding favours to post out to clients

Recently we began using UK Mail for our parcels – I’d received things from them before – on time and not crushed – and so far everything is going well and the price is much better for larger parcels (so we’ve not had to increase these too much with the Royal Mail postage hike)

tea favours vintage dorsetThis week I’ve posted out 100 gorgeous tea favours for a wedding that’s taking place in Portugal early next month. The colour scheme is soft turquoise so we tailored our little tea favours to suit… Can’t wait to see the pictures! We also sent more pink/red coloured favours to bride to be in Wales and have lots of lilac ones ready to go out in the next few days and a big bunting delivery so making sure things get there on time is essential!

Radio 4 were also talking this week about a chap who’s been photographing hundreds of post boxes all over the country – what a curious pass-time (though slightly train spotterish). I may even have to go and visit the British Postal Museum myself – at the current pace of postal service decline it would be nice to remember the good times!

To hire our vintage post box for weddings or to order tea favours get in touch with us on info@vintagedorset.co.uk or contact us here

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Our Vintage Christmas – Christmas Cards

The “Penny Post” was first introduced in Britain in 1840 by Rowland Hill. The idea was simple, a penny stamp paid for the postage of a letter or card to anywhere in Britain. This simple idea paved the way for the sending of the first Christmas cards.

Sir Henry Cole made the fist move in 1843 by printing a thousand cards at one shilling each for sale in his London art shop. The popularity of sending cards grew further when in 1870, halfpenny postage was introduced as a result of the efficiencies brought by the railways

… how times have changed…

Our Christmas card showing a candle and teacups

In the UK  around 678.9 million Christmas cards are sold each year, generating an income of some £267.2m and having an environmental impact of around 5kg of CO2 per person.

We like to get back to the old fashioned approach of making our own Christmas cards for family – and to send Seasonal Greetings to everyone we know or who likes our site (without so much of a carbon footprint) here is our online Christmas card for you!

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