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Pancakes & Pears

I love traditions- particularly when they involve food. Shrove Tuesday is the first day of of fasting and prayer in the Christian period of Lent. We don’t do much “shriving” these days (absolution and penitence) and our fasting rituals are more likely to be diets than for religious abstinence but we do enjoy the odd pancake day glut!

Pancake sliding out of the skillet

This year we ate ours with gorgeous poached pears gently simmered in water with a splash of wine. There are without doubt more traditional ways of enjoying pancakes – but few as delicately delicious!

Poaching pears

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Our Vintage Christmas – mince pies

mince piespastry and making mince piesToday has been a bit of a mince pie day! Not only have we been making and munching our own home-made pies we’ve also been baking extra for a Christmas event at the Park Community Centre.

I always make my own pastry at Christmas time as it tastes so much nicer than the supermarket kinds. However, I have tasted great pastry that tastes home-made from Dorset Pastry – so if there’s no time for home-making then order some of theirs online and just tell your friends you made it yourself (if Nigella can do it…?)

Mince Pies, like Christmas Pudding, were originally meat-filled ‘sweet-meats’ including lamb or other meats and were traditionally oval shaped representing the manger from the nativity with a pastry topping of swaddling clothes. We tend to make round ones nowadays but I sometimes substitute the cut air-vent with three little holes representing the Three Kings.

Steve doesn’t care what shape they are just so long as he’s around whent they come out of the oven!
For more about Mince Pies and where to buy the best ones visit the UK- based Mince Pie Club.

For Mince Pie-making from the Victorian Farm watch this clip:

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