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DIY Wedding Hat Saver

Vintage styling is the most random of occupations – we never quite know what we might get asked for next or how Heath Robinson our props will become! But some ideas are really rather wonderful…

Hat saver for wedding hats

When Natalie and Ben asked us to make a Wedding Hat Saver for venue dressing their Dorset wedding (as photographed here by Jospeh Yarrow )- we adored the idea!

A Wedding Hat Saver is designed to hold all of the guest’s hats during the reception thus preventing them being crushed, sat-upon or (horror on horrors) thrown about in drunken madness!

Make your own pretty hat saver for your party by following our instructions:



You will need: green hearts ribbons and pegs

Wooden Clothes Pegs
Coloured Ribbon
Paint (to match your decor)
A “sample” hat
A card or wooden sign
Trellis (optional)
How to Make it 

  • Buy a couple of packs of new wooden pegs. You need hinged ones not old dolly pegs
  • Pegs painted greenPaint the outsides of the pegs using a thin coat of paint for wood. Don’t use emulsion as it might flake off onto the hats. It’s also sensible to leave the inside of the pegs unpainted – just in case – and make sure you do this task at least a week before your wedding to allow time for it to dry really well. We chose a Craig and Rose 1829 eggshell (William Morris) – which is actually a subtle duckegg green!
  • Decorate the outsides of the pegs with spots, buttons or flowers – or leave plain for a simpler look. You can also varnish the pegs for a gloss look!
  • Write or paint a matching card or wooden sign to tell guests that this is where they hang up their hats. Do 2 or 3 for bigger areas.sign for hat saver together with a straw hat pegged onto a trellis
  • Attach your coloured ribbon “clothes-line” to the edges of your marquee or hall – or in our case we added it to the partition between the eating area and dance floor which meant people could peg their hats onto the ribbons or the trellis itself.
  • Remember the weight of the hats will pull the ribbon down in the centre so make sure its fastened as taught as you can. We also added additional ribbons and pretty glass and paper hearts so it looks more decorative.
    • Place the pegs along the ribbon together with your sign and peg at least one hat onto the hat saver so that people understand how to hang up their hat and your done!

.paper hearts and hat saver

You can get cheap trellis from most garden stores or you can also get “folding” trellis with a stand from stores like Lidl or The Range.

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Picnics, weddings & tea

vintage teapot spoutsIts been a very interesting week at Vintage Dorset. We’ve been really busy with lots of wedding confirmations for vintage crockery hire, teapots, cake stands and tablecloths (including working with some excellent local wedding planners and caterers that we hadn’t met before) Hello to our new friends Dean at Sharp Events and Anna at Nordons Events

We’ve also had our first flurry of picnic enquiries for the year – including our very first international picnic order!

Gift CardOk, so we’re not going to send the picnic all the way to America – but we were most delighted to help a lovely lady who wanted to treat her Dorset friends from oversees! We simply provided a gift card and picnic choices and will deliver the picnic to her friends on the day they choose.

If you want to give a vintage tea party or a vintage picnic as a treat, for a birthday, a fun day out or for Mother’s Day then get in touch with us HERE.

As if all this wasn’t enough we’ve also been talking with two Dorchester firms who really are experts in all things tea…

Georgian style fireplace with mirror above including the words cup of tea my dear?

Char Chars and the Guilded Tea Pot are two different tea-focused businesses based in the centre of Dorchester – they both offer an exceptional tea-drinkers experience worth trying!

Char Chars tea house provides a beautiful environment for tea drinking with excellent fine teas and cakes for sale in their South Street shop. The upstairs tea room is very beautifully decorated and is great for meetings as well as getting together for tea, small parties and celebrations. They also sell a range of loose leaf teas so you can take home a sample of whichever tea you’ve just tried – and Sonja and Phil’s expert tea tastings in the Autumn are just the ticket to get experimenting!

A shelf of glass and porcelain teapots

The Gilded Teapot is a new fine tea & coffee merchants which stocks over 100 different tea blends along with teapots cafetiere’s and other essential tea accessories. Jo is very knowledgeable about teas and has a huge range of exciting accoutrements for tea lovers! We love these glass pots which are great for green teas and herbal flowery types.

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