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Pot to the Kettle Never Kettle to the Pot!

We’ve shared this wonderful vintage You Tube video before but it’s so much fun we felt we just had to share it all over again – it’s guaranteed to cheer you up when it’s raining constantly and the wind seems to be doing it’s level best to level everything! It’s a gorgeous peice of social history – check out the hair styles, the furniture and the absolutely HUGE teapot – and we completely adore the Tea Instructor – one of the scariest men ever – those eyebrows and he never blinks – never!! We think the 6 steps to making a proper cup of tea should be laid down in law and tea should always be sold in the biggest tea chest you can carry by people with the most glorious 1940’s cut glass accents – it would be so much more fun than trying to find a decent tea at the local supermarket. And please – if you learn nothing else from watching this little video do ALWAYS remember – take the pot to the kettle NEVER the kettle to the pot – Gran would be proud!


Tea Making Tips on YouTube

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Blitz party

Themed parties are always great fun – but top of the list for vintage lovers who like to dress up in 1940’s style has to be the Blitz Party!

Vintage Dorset Blitz party scene with air raid shelter sign

The fabulous Liz & Jeremy asked Vintage Dorset to provide WW2 scene setting and help organise a fun birthday Blitz Party in the vintage hall at West Parley.  Liz was expecting around 40 guests and had a fabulous dance host to help everyone get into the swing.

We loved every moment of this one!

West Parley Memorial Hall

Venue styling!

West Parley Memorial Hall is a vintage style “Anderson Shelter” shaped building with a great vibe – the perfect venue for a Blitz party.

We visited late last year to see out how we would set up the party using the existing trestle tables and how we might create a scene where guest could have pictures and get into the mood.

Our style ingredients included:

  • Bunting in red white and blue as well as vintage bunting in floral fabrics
  • Trestle tables with vintage tablecloths and old fashioned lemonade jugs
  • Wartime kitchen and home accessories including an old bakelite radio, kitchen scales and lots of lacy doilies
  • An air raid shelter scene with a battered brick wall facade, piles of sandbags a wooden sign pointing to the “Air Raid Shelter” union jack flags (including some genuine flags from the first world war)
  • Vintage Trunks and an original fold out WW1 camp bed with bedding rolls and bedside reading of wartime recipe booklets with old spectacles, a cup of tea, an old camera and a vintage communications tuner

Blitz Party 1940's scene by Vintage Dorset

Liz is taking an MA in First World War studies through the University of Birmingham so we wanted as many genuine props as we could find from both world wars but also to create a bit of fun fitting for a party.

Guests in military costumes at the Blitz party

The costumes were amazing – people really made a great effort and it all looked fabulous:

Ladies line up

Men in uniforms and costumes at a Vintage Dorset Blitz party

Land girls in WW2 outfits at a vintage dorset blitz party

Blitz Party Food

Now no respectable party would be complete without appropriate food and we were very happy to help source local produce in the Blitz Party theme. The menu comprised:

Sgt Bun’s glorious rustic bread

-real butter and local cheddar

– pickled eggs and pickled onions from Country Markets, Bridport Markets and Washingpool

– Home-made jams and home-made cakes from the Women’s Institute Country Markets

tea at the Blitz Party Vintage Dorset

Pickled eggs and onions at the Blitz Party by Vintage Dorset

rustic bread for a blitz party

vintage cheese blitz party fare
Even the staff dig in to bread and cheese at the Blitz Party
guests tuck in at the Vintage Dorset Blitz party
union jack bunting

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