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Christmas Tree fairies

One of the most pleasurable things to do at Christmas is to spend time with your children helping them make traditional tree decorations using scraps, oddments, fabric, ribbon and tinsel. Whilst the expensive gifts we give at Christmas are high up the wish-list, its the memories of time spent together that children really treasure.

Christmas Tree Decorations Fairies and angels

My daughters are still very nostalgic about their childhood attempts at making of these old-fashioned tree decorations and it is rather handy having a host of naughty (but cute) tree fairies to blame when presents (inevitably) get mixed up or something goes wrong on the big day!

To make vintage-style tree fairies or peg toy soldiers you will need:

A pack of old-fashioned dolly-pegs
Paints for faces
Indelible pen
Assorted ribbon or felt (thick wire-edged ribbon is very useful)
Wooly batting, net or wadding (for underskirts)
Wool and scraps for hair, buttons etc
Pipe cleaners for arms
Glue (Victorians often used hot glue in pots – our modern day equivalent is a glue gun)
Silver or gold thread for hanging


Paint the heads and faces of all pegs in skin tones or leave pegs neutral colours. . Leave to dry overnight.

For soldiers – paint red or blue coats with black trousers beneath. Leave to dry. Draw faces, belts, buttons and hair with indelible marker or glue on sequins and wool. Use pipe cleaners for arms and a scrap of red ribbon glued in a little cylinder and onto the head for a hat. Suspend with silver or gold thread.

For tree fairies – glue a thin band of ribbon around the top “chest” area of the peg. For the skirt, cut about 8″ length of 2″ wide ribbon, (ideally pre-wired at both edges). Glue the cut edges together so they just overlap and concertina and glue one wired edge so that it ruffles into a neat “waist”. Glue directly onto the body of the peg. With small children get them to choose the colours and help them with the gluing as the glue gun gets a bit hot. Use wadding to plump up the skirt. Use pipe cleaners or wired ribbon for arms and silver or gold ribbon for wings glued in a bow at the back. Children love to add hair, faces, hats and shoes – dipping glued feet in glitter – you can use PVA glue for this rather than the glue gun. Suspend the fairies with silver or gold thread.

The end results can be fabulous – and much more memorable than shop-bought decorations.

Christmas Tree Fairies

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Winter Wishes!

Christmas PostWith Christmas just around the corner we’ve begun getting our Christmas Cards ready for Scout Post (our scout groups deliver local post to raise funds for charity) Its also time for working out how long we have to reach the Christmas Post for those far-flung friends and relatives living overseas – now seems good!

Love Christmas

November is perfect for Christmas cards – as the evenings get dark you get that warm glow inside (though it might be the nip of brandy that wasn’t needed for the cake!). There’s still plenty of time to plan Vintage Christmas styling. Our Post Box is the perfect prop for a Wedding Day wishing well, or for posting Christmas cards at work or for your Christmas Party centre-piece.

For £55 per hire the post box is available in Dorset and surrounding areas including free delivery and collection within 10 miles of Dorchester. We include a bespoke printed window panel with your own choice of words for your wedding or Christmas message.

Contact Us Here to enquire or book

For a longer hire e.g. leading into your works Christmas Party – just let us know and we’ll see what Christmas magic we can whizz up to give you a really good deal.

Vintage Christmas colours of red, green and gold are strong Victorian Christmas traditions. Keep it simple to achieve an authentic style adding pine cones, white lights and green foliage and fabrics. Check out the ideas from the Victorian Farm Christmas – for simple and fun decorations and traditional foods. Here are a few of our own Christmassy pictures to help get in the Vintage Christmas mood!

Christmas Collection red post box

Hand made Glass Hearts and coloured ribbons in red and green are £2 each to hire for weddings or we can supply them for £6 each to keep.

Christmas SacksWe also provide traditional hessian sacks to buy for £5 each + £2 PP including a hand-made Merry Christmas label. Fabulous for under the tree, the sacks are 75cm x 33cm. They’ll be going into our shop any day – but do get in touch with us here if you want to place an early order.

For any other items including vintage china hire, Christmas and Vintage Bunting, props and styling for Christmas Events, Weddings and Parties please contact us or check out our prices HERE.

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