Vintage Teapots for hire!

vintage teapot spoutsThe teapot probably originated from early adaptations of ceramic kettles that were first made in China using bronze and other metals evolving little by little as the cultural importance of tea drinking spread. The earliest surviving teapot is from 1513 and is found in the Flagstaff House Museum of Teaware in Hong Kong. These early teapots are tiny compared to modern examples. Designed for a single drinker this constrained portion size and enabled flavours to be more concentrated and controlled.

From the end of the 17th century, tea was shipped from China to Europe as part of the export of exotic spices and luxury goods. The ships that brought the tea also carried porcelain teapots often painted in blue and white glazes.

Tea drinking was an expensive luxury in these early years whilst porcelain teapots were also highly treasured because china simply wasn’t made in Europe at that time. It was only after 1765 when William Cookworthy discovered Cornish china clay that English porcelain and tea-drinking began to become more affordable and fashionable across the classes

Our own teapots are rather less rare than the 17th and 18th Century examples – but we do have a number of Victorian and Edwardian porcelain pots from the early 20th century when afternoon tea was at its height. Here are some pictures from our collection of pots. To hire vintage teapots and tea-cups or for more information and prices: CONTACT US HERE

vintage teapotsvintage teapots

vintage teapots

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