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Cake inspiration

Cake and vintageFinding a good cake maker is one of those tricky tasks that needs careful consideration and even more tasting! We’ve recommended lots of cake-bakers for parties and weddings or sometimes we arrange deliveries of cakes to accompany our vintage teas; but how do we choose the cake bakers – what to look for in cake scumminess and decor?

1. Begin with good cake!

One of the first things to remember is that no matter how nicely the cake is decorated – the cakes themselves need to be lovingly baked to perfection if you want great flavour.

perfect cakes on a vintage cake stand

We suggest checking out Country Markets (the name used by the WI cake bakers) for gorgeous home made cakes some very expertly decorated and finished and all very yummy and exceptionally good value.

Mrs T from Mrs T's teatime treats

Our other favourite is Mrs T’s teatime treats (this is Sgt Bun’s wife!!)

2. Cupcake mumpreneurs

Country Markets are great at large cakes – but for consistent cupcakes then you’re best trying one of the growing number of cottage businesses making cupcakes.

lemon cheesecake cupcakes

We often use Moorethancupcakes at Beaminster for good value cakes that taste delicious (like these lemon cheesecake cupcakes) but we also love Lulubelle’s Cakes in the Bournemouth area and Simply Cakes in Dorchester. Modern cupcakes tend to follow the large American-style with heaps of frosting and toppings. They are really great for gifts or afternoon tea, but, for parties with lots of other food choices they can be too much to eat (we do see half-eaten cakes that were just too filling!) If you’re buying cakes for parties, ask your baker to make your cupcakes “fairy-cake” size so your guests can enjoy lots of different sweets (its also cheaper!)

3. Flavour flavour flavour!

Rum babasBe brave with cakes! Cakes will taste delicious if they’ve got great flavourings that are more than just “sweet”. At home, we find coffee cakes in particular do well from a very generous dose of coffee blended in the buttercream but citrus and fruit flavours also work really well. We adore these Rum Baba’s from Moorethancupcakes. Now there’s a flavour that really packs a punch!

4. Design your style and challenge your baker!

Vintage Mad Hatter Tea Party

When you’re having a themed party then you can really challenge your cake maker when it comes to design. They’ll love the opportunity to try something new!

We commissioned these cute “eat me” labelled cakes from Sharp Events for our Mad Hatter hen party and they were perfect for the job – but there are also some cake designers out there that have exceptional decor style.

We recently found the amazing Nibble and Scoff of Exeter. Its very rare for us to recommend anyone outside of Dorset – but these near neighbours are incredible when it comes to cake design!

Check out these gorgeous vintage tea cup-cakes and look up their website for even more gorgeous creations including circus, gardening, beach, golf themed cakes – all edible – they are really perfect!
vintage teaparty nibble & scoff

summer deckchairs on a cupcakeschool cupcakes

5. Finally…. learn it and try it!

Wenda from Simply Cakes Our last hint is to get out there and try some cake decorating yourself! We recently went along to a cupcake demo held at Goulds in Dorchester and hosted by the lovely Wenda from Simply Cakes. She was demonstrating simple tips for great cake decorations at home.

cake decorating

Simply Cakes peach roses on green

For more inspiration try going to Cupcake Camp – the first one in Dorset at the Lighthouse in Poole was organised by Cake Heaven and was over-run with enthusiasts! You might want to try cupcake school for more hands on help – we especially like Julia’s Kitchen in Poole – especially as Julia’s offering a free cupcake class to someone as part of her 1000’th Facebook likers.  More and more bakers are offering classes and evening classes are also available from local colleges and there are loads of youtube teach-me videos to follow – we especially like these ones from Sue McMahon of Women’s Weekly – she has a lovely soothing style! No excuses then – time to get baking!

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Mad Hatter Hen Party

If repeat visits to nightclubs with fairy wings and L plates gives you hen party déjà vu – then why not try some Alice Madness?

Leila and her eclectic friends from Brighton and London came to the New Forest/ Dorset countryside where they invited Vintage Dorset to help them create this most curious of Mad Hatter Hen Parties…

Mad Hatter Hen PartyA Mad Hatter Hen Party needs to offer enough sophistication that it doesn’t feel like a kids party – but enough madness to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere. With Elena and Zara supervising accommodation and bride-to-be Leila with all 18 friends dying to dress up for the party… Vintage Dorset helped focused on creating a great afternoon tea with all of the best Mad Hatter ingredients.

Pretty cottage in Barton on Sea in the New Forest Venue, Props and Style

Vintage Dorset brought their Mad Hatter and vintage props to dress the cottage and garden at Barton on Sea where the girls were staying. Peacock Cottage is around 300 years old and sleeps 15 so the girls were booked in to a really snug den for the weekend. We loved the fabulous old features including the sundial inscribed with the words “Gather ye rosebuds while ye may” How appropriate for a Hen Party!

teacups and flowersThe girls chose the huge Mad Hatter’s hat, vintage tablecloths, cake stands, silver and china teapots and vintage teacups hired together with huge playing cards, glass hearts, a looking glass, oversized stopwatch and giant china cupcakes. We took our eatme and drinkme labels and beautiful bright flowers for the tables. The girls decorated the house with cards and balloons, and we used retro bunting out in the garden.


pink spotted cupcake with eat me label on a cake standWe always source food locally for client’s parties and this one was no exception. We asked Dean from Sharp Events to come up with some special Mad Hatter Cupcakes which we combined with the cakes from the lovely WI ladies at Country Markets.

Tea party cakes

With gorgeous scones from Sgt Bun at Weymouth and sandwiches from “Oh Crumbs” in Christchurch everything was set for a fabulous afternoon tea. Add champagne in teacups and the girls loved it!

“Thanks again…  everyone loved the tea party and it really made it a special weekend”

Party! Of course every party needs fabulous guests – and these girls were exceptional -They dressed up in sexy and fun outfits that put everyone in the party mood. Costumes included the full cast of Alice in Wonderland – from red queen to mad hatter, white rabbits (including the Hen’s mummy bunny), march hares, tweedle dee and dum, cards and of course Leila – the beautiful Hen – came dressed as Alice!

Girls dressed up as Alice in Wonderland characters

Toasting the Hen

If you want help organising a Mad Hatter Hen Party or need vintage china and props hire in Dorset and surrounding counties for any event (or eat me drink me labels by post) then do get in touch with us HERE.

Huge thanks to Leila, Zara, Elena and all of the girls for letting us share their Hen Party pics xx Linda & Steve at Vintage Dorset

All photographs copyright protected

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