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Our Vintage Christmas – holly wreath

holly wreath on blue doorWe think the first of December is an ideal time to put up a traditional Christmas holly wreath to give yourself a vintage cheer each time you and your friends come in without being overwhelmed by Christmas bling and sky-high electricity bills.

The term “Wreath” comes from the latin for “Wrist” referring to a continuous circular shape. In Middle English the word “wrethe” was also used to mean a twisted band or ring of leaves or flowers in a garland. The circle is thought to represent eternity or eternal life demonstrating nature’s perseverance over the cold of winter and in Christian tradition representing eternal life. By the 16th century, Shakespeare had included the word “Holly” in his writing and ┬áby the 17th century holly was a regular feature in Christmas decorations. The circle of holly came to represent Jesus’s crown of thorns, as well as the resurrection and eternal life. Holly and Christmas Wreaths now stand for peace, joy, and seasonal cheer.

snowy wreathWe got our holly wreath from our friends in LETS this year – this is a local exchange trading system that means you can exchange goods and services with other people locally using a token system rather than money. Its lovely to get hand-crafted things this way as people take such care when making gifts by hand and all of the materials are locally sourced.

If you want to make your own victorian wreath (bit rustic but great fun) then why not try out this method from the BBC’s Victorian Farm series.

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